so basically, OD pedals are just gain pedals with lesser clipping than dist pedals...
and theyre used to drive a TUBE amp.

so if you have a dist pedal with a relatively high volume output, you can turn down the gain and youll be able to use it as an OD pedal...

is that the point or is there something else?
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an OD pedal isnt JUST for driving a tube amp. They simulate the sound of an overdriven tube amp. If you turn the Drive down all the way and the Level up all the way it becomes a clean boost, which is used to push an amps crunch channel into high gain territory.

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As kurdtkobaign said, they're used to simulate the sound of an overdriven tube amp. (Pre-amp volume high, Master Volume low.) They can be run through both solid-state and tube amps, and can be used for boosting, or for overdriving. Any help?
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OD's can be used on both amps, but don't always sound great with SS amps to simulate a broke up valve amp, but work best with valve amps to push them over the edge.
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same goes for distortion pedals on tube amps.

yeah, you can use them and some sound better than others.
also some amps take pedals better than others.

but in general the gain u get for a distortion pedal thru a tube amp, sounds a little more steril. less natural. so some guys will layer OD pedals. again this really depends on the pedal and the amp. also depends on what kind of a tone freak u are.

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