Alright, so I'm looking into buying a Les Paul, it's my dream guitar. However, I love the tone of EMGs in some guitars. So I was wondering, do they go well in combination with a Les Paul, and if so how much would it roughly cost to have them put in. I'm looking at around $1500-2000 for a Les Paul, and an EMG-81 and an EMG-85.

So guitar + pickups + installation fees? Rough amount? I live in Canada if that helps with prices.
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Dude, with that money, you can get an ESP EC.

Also, what's your current amp?
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Well, to be entirely honest, I've got a Line 6 Spider II... lol

But right now I have a squier telecaster and I'm tired of it, and really want a new guitar.
I've been playing the same guitar for like 3 years now, and I want more quality, and a new sound. And I always loved Les Pauls....

But would it be a better idea to upgrade the amp first?
If I had my way, I'd crush your face in the door.
First of all Go coheed and cmabria!!!!, next yes I would say split the diff, get a nice amp and a nice guitar, and put emgs in the guitar,

Like: Lower end les paul + Emgs +Vox valvtronix 100w or another nice amp,
you can get ESP LTD EC-1000 with EMG 81/EMG 60 for like $1000-$1200

I think i saw it for about that on Tom Lee Music website, can prolly get better deal too.

also www.axemusic.com - free shipping in canada

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I have a question about that ESP EC-1000.

Is it a flat-top Les Paul style body like some of the other ESPs of that body style? I absolutely hate flat topped Les Pauls, and it's really hard to tell from that picture on the link.
If I had my way, I'd crush your face in the door.
The ESP/LTD EC-1000's are indeed carved top, not the flat tops like you hate I used to own one, but mine had the Seymour Duncan JB/'59 setup instead of the EMG's. MINE wasn't a flattop anyway, i'm assuming the ones with EMG's aren't either.
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Sacralidge! Leave it alone, you don't buy a Les Paul and then change out the pick-ups! My god, emg's are great but they are not the be all and end all of guitar pick-ups.
yeh LTD EC are carved top except for 1 i thikn. ESP Eclipse all are carved top except for the NT Standard which is different. and yeh the LTD would be a wise choice as long as you like your the sounds your amp produce