Aight my town is having a battle of the bands, but for some lame ass reason they only want 1 cover song (to raise money for something).....My band and I have narrowed it down to 2 songs that we can play pretty good. Which should we play: Inferno by Symphony X or BYOB by SOAD?
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Although I hate the song... you have to pick a song everyone has heard and will be familar with...

So go with BYOB

Why can't you choose a different song?
the reason i chose those two is because my band voted on like 6 and we got those 2
Out of those two, although having never heard the song (but i've heard other by them) i'm gonna say the Symphony X song since it'll probably be a lot better than BYOB

But playing a popular, well known song is also good. This might sound a bit...odd...but how about jokingly making a more rockish/heavyish version of YMCA? People know the song, its different and its humourous