This is a little song I wrote, I havent got leads or the bass line down yet but I will eventually...Please DO NOT post this on other websites... Listen to it, go ahead and be a critic! lol.....

Edit: Wait.... How do I upload Guitar Pro Stuff?
You have to zip it first. Right click on your file and go to "send to compressed folder" or something. If you have winzip send it to that.
Not bad. However, beginning's a tad boring, and you should come up with something other than repeats. It's too cliched. Especially if it's not interesting enough in the first place. Hmm... Ok, let's see... Very nice... But there are a few parts you could tweak to make it sound better. For starters, the single distortion guitar and drums after the beginning gets VERY yawnsome after a bit. In my opinion, you should insert some slight rhythm to back up the cool guitar. Especially during the artificial harmonics parts. Just might be my taste, though. The worst part has to be the acoustic guitar section. BORINGGGGGgggG!!!! Geez. Dude. You had some great stuff going, great stuff leading up to the lame acoustic section. Scratch it off, man. You can do better than this. Good try, anyway. Try to make it more unpredicatble.
The idea is good... edit some parts so the song doesn't begin to be boring and add some good solos
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This sounds far too much like linear scale excercises... and I agree with everyone else here, kill the repetition with a second guitar filling in, use the bass wisely... I want to see the final version... and... as far as the actual GP5 goes, clean it up dude!
I thought measure 21 until the solo was brilliant. Those drums were genius. (the triplet feel drums were amazing)

the beginning was a little off-strum, lol

I got bored a little with the whole note beginning

The solo needs ryhtym behind it, but it was pretty good.

I really liked the scale patterns you used.

Overall = 3 stars/5 stars so far - Finish it up then you gotta send it to me

Crit for a crit?
4/4 is just so boring. <_<
I'm getting a bit of a Dream Theater/Opeth feel with this I think it would sound awesome with the rest of the tracks
Quote by ferilyne
I'm getting a bit of a Dream Theater/Opeth feel with this I think it would sound awesome with the rest of the tracks

OP hasn't been online for the last 6 years..
holy necropost....
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