Well, hey. I decided I better post this since one of the biggest reasons I joined here was to get advice from people who have been in bands before and know how to handle issues like this.

Well, I'm 13 first of all, as is my friend. I've been playing for almost two years now. Been serious about it for about a year. Well, my friend recently got a guitar of his own. And he brought it over here to show me. Well, I assumed we could just jam and have alittle fun. But ten minutes into it he yells at the top of his lungs, "Dude, this is great. We should start a band!" (Not to mention in the middle of my solo >.<

Well, out of pitty for the poor kid I aggreed. Not taking it seriously or anything. I was pretty much thinking that it would just boost his own self esteem and let hom be able to say he was in a band. Then the next week he called me and wanted to practice again. I thought nothing of it, expecting him to forget all about. But, as soon as he came he was yapping about things we should do, how to get a gig, finding a bass player, finding a drummer, trying to get me to sing (Which is something I refuse to do). I got alittle worried then. Then kid can't play a single song correctly, is the most immature person I know, and won't leave his guitar in tune for ten seconds. I figured out a quick (1:30) song for him to get a handle on. I figured, if he wants to get serious, I'll try to make things as simple as possible. I even wrote him a simple Drop D guitar line, and only had him play the chorus. Some how, he managed to screw it up. He had no rythem, no strumming pattern, and no ability to predict what would happen next in a song he helped write. I decided to turn his amp down so that it couldn't easily be heard, so that fixed that problem for the time being.

The next morning, his mother's boyfriend agrees to be the temporary drummer til we find a fulltime one. So that problem is fixed. But now, he has completely slacked off the band and dumped everything on me, and is constantly bugging me to do things. Yet he won't let me look for members.

I've considered just telling him to shove it, but there are no other musicians around, and even if there were, I'm afraid I'm not good enough. So any advice?
Tell him to shove it, play the guitar some more, and come back in 2 years
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Tell him to shove it, play the guitar some more, and come back in 2 years

Yeah. He really had no place to even think of starting a band when he had never touched guitar. I've been playing for 3 years (almost) and I've yet to be in a band. No musicians around here either. But I know how hard managing a band and **** like that can be, so... What he said ^

I thinkyour friend just wants to look cool. He'd probably take all the credit for everything if yall ever had an actual gig.
tell him he isnt at your level of expection to be playing in a serious band and he can come over to jam and chill out and teach him somethings but that band thing has to be put on hold till he is good enough
trust me end this thing quick before you get yourself into something that you cant handle and end up embaressing (sp?) your self at like a gig or something when it bombs because he isnt good enough to play and totally screws up

you dont want to end up like these guys

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tell him that insted of starting a band he should try to join a band.

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yeah...blow him off. tell something like, "i'd love to make the band but i can't right now. i need you to keep on practicing till you reach a good playing level then we'll try it out."

eh..maybe not. tell him to f*ck off.
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Thats pretty much what I'm gonna do. I'm just gonna keep teaching him til' he gets decent. Then consider a band. I suppose if I really get desprate I could put stuff up all over town for musicians.
tell him to **** out the whole band thing and just jam once in awhile for fun. i mean when my friends were way better than me at guitar, i still wanted to jam with them, even if i could only play single notes at the time, and now im even better than some of them. just keep jaming with him and encourageing him, then maybe some day you will start a band and actually be good.
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Rape his grandma.

Or, tell him that you don't think either of you two are really ready to be in a band yet, and assure him that - after maybe a year or two, and after each of you two have gotten a feel for songwriting - then you guys could start a band. And then rape his grandma.
tell him to start his own band without you if he wants to be in one so bad. Me and my friend started a "band" like a year ago and just practiced with eachother till we got ok then we got a drummer a keyboardist and a bassist in like less than a month and now we're practicing often. so yeah if u don't like him just tell him to "go on get". and on your own get good enough to were you can play with the guys that are better than you. peace
yeah dude theres no point starting to play when hes that bad. tell him to practice for a year or two first. its one thing to play ur own instrument basically but when playing with others theres a whole new dimension as everyone must be in time. if yas are only 13 u have pleny of time so yeah, maybe ur good enough to look for a band but it doesnt seem like he is.
dont be so rude to the poor kid.. he just got a guitar, hes a beginner and he wants to get going with a bad... the best thing for the guy is to start a band with a bunch of other beginner guys at his own level and keep improving from there so by the time he reaches 17 or 18 his band can totally rock all the other bands out!!!
Leave. Obviously, he isn't a dedicated musician and he doesn't deserve to be in a band until he becomes one.
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just keep teaching him stuff till he gets decent. thats what I did with my friend and now hes playin bass in my band.
just curious, what kind of guitar do you have, and what kind of guitar did he buy? he didnt like go out and buy a lp did he?