how noisey would a pair of humbucker-sized single coil P-94s be in an Epiphone hollowbody?

how would that noise compare to 57 classic humbuckers?

if the noise is too great, i think ill just go for the 57 classics.

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the noise in any single coil pickup isnt all that bad in low gain situations. but if youre going to be cranking the gain to lYk3 3L3v3nz0r5!!!!! (11 lol) then a noise suppressor will probably be needed.
good point. mostly any single coil would make that annoying noise. well i dont use too much gain all the time, but when i do, i want it to be able to let loose with minimal hummmmmmm.
Hmm, why not use the P94 in the neck, and the '57 in the bridge? That'd be quite a good combination
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but P94s dont sound like P90s. comes close, but its not bullseye. damn. im still debating