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My very first recording, just vocals. No backing track or anything.
(yes i am a girl)

recorded using audicity and shure sm58
1. Make it on Dmusic etc so we can stream
2. Add SOME kind of backing, especially if this is your first recording. I'm sure someone on Ug has done a cover of this at some stage without vocal. You could just ask them - if you give credit they probably won't mind.
3. Make sure it's a smaller file, anything over 6 MB and I honestly wouldn't bother.
4. I'm not sure how much you know about recording, but don't just give us a dry one, or else it probably will make you sound worse than you are.
5. I like lists.
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Holy Crap.

I love you more than life itself.
I listened to it and it was cool, 1000000 times better than i can sing, can you sing something from Guns N Roses? i need some voice for some covers!!