I'm in need of some serious help. I own a Marshall MG100HDFX. I know, I know. I was stupid. I'm sorry. Since I know that getting a dist. pedal would only make my sound worse, my guitar teacher suggested that I get an overdrive pedal. I've been looking at the Boss SD1 Super Overdrive. I'm pretty sure A7X uses this pedal. I was wondering if it would help my sound any. I play a Schecter C-1 Hellraiser. If not, tell me what a good one would be. I'll be willing to spend up to $60. Thx.
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nothing can help you get a better sound on an MG, except maby a bullet to the head.

Id reccomend a new amp.
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Yet another "guitar teacher told me this" situation. It has nothing to do with you, threadstarter...but every goddamm guitar teacher I know of suggests the most retarded things.

Sorry to say my man, but theres nothing really you can do to improve the tone of that MG. Its a bad situation, because you cant use an OD pedal infront of the crunch channel...and it doesnt take distortion pedals well AT ALL...idk what to tell ya...
I agree man, guitar teachers have THE WORST advice. My friends teacher said that a Rogue wah was just as good as a Dunlop Dime wah...
Your techer's an idiot.

An overdrive pedal is made for overdriving valves on a valve amp, and won't work well on a crayy SS amp, sorry to say!

Just try a load of diff dist. pedals or get a new amp.
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