so found this old tube PA amp (search for prior thread on it)
it only pushes a clean channel. so then i got to thinkin.. my crate has an effects loop and a celestion speaker......

new chain.
guitar > crate > from effects loop out to > V-M PA > Celestion

wish i had a mic to demo the range of sounds i can get out of this. the PA has the trebel and bass knobs on it so i can crank those to help further scoop out the mids, i can get the extra distorition of a full powered amp without the full volume (gain+level set @ full)
and i can still switch channels on the crate to go to the clean channel where the PA's tubes warms up the tone a little
yeah. i get a warmer tone when hooked straight into the PA but.. no reverb and no distortion whatsoever so the crate is basicly being used for a preamp right now.
hopeing i blow up the crate so i can have an excuse to buy a new amp ... shhh don't tell the wife! lol
get a nice multieffects unit and use the p.a. to power that. then you'll have a flexible, good sounding rig.
Yep, definitely just get a nice OD pedal for the tube PA. Ditch the Crate.
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