Last year I ruptured my volar plate below my left little finger. Needless to say, it is very loose and thus hangs over onto my ring finger (irritating). Is there any exercises on the guitar (a hand specialist recommended I continue to play) that you guys might think would assist strengthening of the ligament? If anyone else has had a similar injury it would be good to hear from you..
Maybe you could go see your doctor to ask what can be done to regain the strength in that particular finger. Seems like something nasty to play with.
my little bro was in a car accident last year and ****ed up his left hand too..

im not sure exactly what happened, but it broke his tendon the connects his pinky and ring finger.. so they had to stretch it back.. also, his ring finger has a considerable amount of muscle missing near the tip.

the best advise i could give him was to not give up on guitar (and a bit of some "dont be a puss" tough love).. i guess the muscles will get stronger again with time and that just something you have to learn to live with.

i was in an accident a few years back and was in the hospital for 2 months and had to learn to walk again.. it was the ****tiest thing ive ever done.. but now i know it was well worth the pain than to have rather just "gone with a wheelchair" like i had wanted.

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When I got a deep cut on the tip of my index finger I was like "Crap! No guitar for 2 weeks!". But this gave me a chance to work on my other fingers. Have you tried doing the 1234 exersise with only 3 fingers? Its really hard, you dont need to do the 4th as you run out of fingers, but in that position of not using the index it feels really awkward and after a while I found that it improved me quite a bit now that its healed.
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