what do you mean floor models? like amps? When I bought my new amp, they gave it to me in the box, it was the last one they had in the box. So yes you can buy floor models, but they still are the same price. There really arent "floor model" guitars, you pick one of the wall and buy it.
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my blues jr was a floor model.
same return policy. had only been out on the floor a couple of weeks, didnt have a box for it tho, so i made out like a bandit.

they took off about 80$ off the amp, then an additional 15% off anything else i bought that night. i was planning on getting a couple of pedals, ended up saving about $120 off of catalog prices.

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well if your talking about the floor amps. if they are all out of ones in the back they will sell the floor amp to you for cheaper because it already has a lot of hours on it.