What does everyone think of Type O Negative here? I really like them for the low vocals and the atmosphere they create. I only have the Bloody Kisses album, so any recommendations would be cool.

Ps. if for some reason I shouldn't have posted about them or whatever, don't flame, explain .
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i dunno about the rest
I don't know much of them, but I like what I know..the atmosphere is great xD
Type O Negative get a big 'meh' from me... not really my style and they bore me a bit.
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Buy October Rust. Great band.
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their really good when i'm in the mood but they can get a little boring if i listen to them for too long
I am a big fan and own Bloody kisses, october rust, world coming down, and life is killing me. all are very good. bloody kisses has some weak songs on it though.
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Never could get into them, my friend is huge on them, but they just bore the shit outta me.
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