Okay, i was at this guitar store when i was gonna buy my first guitar ever (a no-brand acoustic as it turned out).

Anyway, i went into the shop with my sister as a translator (I don't speak portoguese, and i was on vacation in brazil). Anyway, i told her that i wanted a intermediate guitar, and she translated. The guy was like "okay, hm, let me see." for 2 seconds, then he goes away for 2 minutes and come back with a 150 dollar guitar saying this is a great guitar for the money. I was really happy, and was just about to say, "okay, i'll take it", without even trying it out. Then my sister interupts me and says the man wants me to try the guitar?

I was like, wtf, you actually have to try out guitars? Whats the point???!

And he walks away, gesturing for me to come along, and sits me down on a stool, saying i should just play whatever i want. And he stands there, patiently waiting to listen to what im gonna play..

Lol i was so embarassed. U know why? I'd been acting all important before thinking, ims such a cool guitar player and **** like that.. (yeah, i was a childish 12 year old at the time). And all i knew was a D, and it took me like 10 seconds to switch to an A, and thats all i knew. And i couldn't even play it properly lol... The clerk just shakes his head after 5 seconds, and walks away to some other customer.. I've never been that embarassed in my life.....

So, anyone got any stories like that from a guitar store?
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yeh i went into a guitar shop and bought a marshall MG
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That is embarrasing! Haha, well you could've known from the start that you were supposed to play it, I mean when you shop for clothes you'd try them on before buying right? :P
i went into a guitar center and they tried to get me to buy a 4 string Ernie Ball bongo and an 1800 USD amp kit.
i'm like...wtf dude? I dont have that kinda money! Thats why those dudes piss me off so much.
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Yeah, when going to Guitar Center, you better know your ****, or they'll try to screw you.
No I have no stories like that, I was born playing Eruption. Doctors were shocked at how a guitar developed in there.
When i got my first guitar...i thought they would or sound the same :p just look different (well i thought the sound wouldn't be easy to hear :P) so i didn't really care what was on it etc