Does anyone know if its possbile to true bypass a DS-1? Mine is modified already (sounds so much better than the tinny/buzzy stock pedal) but if I have the distortion pushed a little too high, when the pedal is off the tone gets "squelched" a bit if its in the signal chain.

So, if I can true bypass it does anyone have links to some diagrams or pictures that can show me what to do?
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hi mate, i own a keeley modded SD-1 and it is awsome, i use it as a boost to turn my fallen angel into a true beast of metal

but yeah, its a great company, and the bypass is TRUE!!! well best i have heard! go onto www.robertkeeley.com or co.uk if you are in the UK. there may be some diagrams and info up there to make your DS-1 a true beast!

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