I'm surprised more hasn't been said about this band. Their borderline death metal, but still have that hardcore/metalcore sound. I just bought "The Price of Existence" and it fvcking owns. Anyone into the genre should be able to get into this. I feel like they've made leaps and bounds from Hate Malice Revenge.

You can check out "Wage Slaves" (from tPoE) on purevolume, and they have clips of all their new songs on their e-card through the Nuclear Blast website.

Best songs on the new CD are "Day of Justice", "There is no Business to be Done on a Dead Planet", "Promises", and "The Last Relapse" IMO, but they are all good.

Check em out if you haven't heard the new CD, and feel free to discuss if you like/dislike the band.
Oh yeah. This band owns hard.
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The Price of Existence has been my most played CD for a while. It's perfection from start to finish. The intro to We Hold These Truths and the breakdown in There is No Business to be Done on a Dead Planet are two of my favourite moments.
i agree with everything thats been said about them/the cd
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the scream is so powerfull. my balls started two steppin.
ooh god, this cd is ridiculous and so is this band. ive been listening to them since they started. absolutely brutal
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This is just another mediocre metalcore band. However, I must say the guitar work in this album is rediculous. It kept me listening anyway!
Definatly gonna check out the new release, I still can't get over that breakdown in Deconstruction........SO BEAST.
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amazing band! glad i got to see them live with suicide silence... that was an amazing show.
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I got a song from this album on a Nuclear Blast sampler. Sounds very sick. Like a mix of JFAC, BTBAM, and The Red Chord, with a bit of (if they were good) Throwdown. Wish the production was a bit better, as it sounds a step down from Hate Malice Revenge, but still definitely great.
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You probably got "Eradication" or "Wage Slaves" I'm assuming? Definitely give the whole albuma listen. Yeah, I agree with this album sounding a bit more "raw" that HMR, but I feel the technicallity and song writing have greatly improved.
Yeah, they sounded like a JFAC/TTEOTD clone before (to an extent) but now they're a lot more technical and such.
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My weirdest dream would have to be when I dreamed that I met this chick I really liked and wanted to practice sex, so I practiced on some guy I met at a gas station...that was pretty screwed up.
It's awesome. AWESOME. I put it on, have been listening to it solid for a few days, but I just can't push myselff to go past track 4, as thats where I just push rewind and repeat...
'Thine Eyes Bleed':

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all shall perish is amazing i first found out about them on headbangers ball with there video eradication it is my fav song by them to this day
Soo mindblowing. I love this band. I've had them in my cd player in my car for like 4 weeks straight. Those subhits are so beast in my little Acura.

<3ASP fa sho.
Love this band! Check my day of justice cover in the riff and recordings section! Thanks!
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