When I play clean on my neck pickup (humbucker), it makes some kind of crackling noise. Its possible to push the pickup a bit, and it will twist a little bit towards the "inside" of the guitar. when I do that the noise goes away for a while, but it comes back... Sometimes its not there at all. I feel like a wire in the pickup is loose or something..

I haven't tried with another cable yet, but with another amp, and its not my amp...

anyone ?
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take it to a shop and get it fixed! if you dont know what your doing its alll you can do.
a wire has come loose from one your pickups in the back of your guitar. if u dont know how to sauter (spelling?) a wire, take it to a shop otherwise risk ruining your whole guitar.
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Like everyone else said, take it to a shop. A repair shouldn't cost more than $15-$20.
did u want to work on it? its not rocket science.

first try a new guitar cord tho.

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