I couldn't find any article on scale degrees, so I decided I could maybe type up one of my own, but I was kind of wondering what I should include. I was thinking along the lines of the roman numeral system of scale degrees, which would essentially help out a LOT of beginners who are new to the subject, because it's a difficult concept to grasp but once you understand it it's really quite easy. Here's the basic agenda I was considering to include:

  • The basic scale degrees of the major and minor modes
  • How to spell chord inversions
  • Maybe a little bit on progressions?

Firstly, is this a good article idea, and if so, is there anything else I should be included? I'm really open for suggestions here, because I'd really like to teach this to some of the beginners on the site. It's a very important thing to know, so naturally I don't want to write a crap article on such an important subject.
Just any input whatsoever would be greatly appreciated!
i think ive read one before on here for scale degrees and progressions, but i dont think ive seen anyone on here talk aboout chord inversions.