I was wondering what does it mean when a guitar is sterile. There was a guy that told me this with his about his Strat with some pups that he hated it that Fender wired it so sterile. So please tell me what it means thanks?
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It will have a hard time making other guitars...

No, I imagine it's got something to do with an uninteresting tone that lacks high end.

Tone is the subjective term for the combination of higher harmonics that a guitar sound has. Every guitar has the basic low notes in the sound, but a "sterile" guitar will have little else. These upper harmonics are what makes an electric guitar "jump out" at you as Teleprompters said.
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it sounds fake, plastic almost, no variation in tone, usually comes from crappy modeling amps but not always. they can also have harsh harmonics and just not sound very good at all. also it is also super compressed, it has levels of sound like samples on a keyboard.