Can't get over

Verse 1

Remember that saturday when you broke my heart.
You said you were leaving and never coming back.
You left without explaining and oly said goodbye.


My life plods on and on through the years
but you remain as my hopes and fears.
I remember the first time i saw you and i'll
never forget it.

verse 2

You disappeared without a trace but the only
thing i remember is your pretty face. I sat for
a while and figured out how we fell apart.


verse 3

I sit at night and tell myself that you'll come
back to me but i know it' only a dream. I got
over you not that long ago,i guess i had to let you go.

well thats my song. Plz crit good or bad
Woo go u! i told u tht ure song was gd. Bt no, u didnt believe me like u always do. Im tellin u, u have talent! Woot! Go Zacky! xxx