dude thats kick ass wish i could play it like you good job

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i enjoyed everything about it, vocals were great, you do this in a studio?

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It wasnt bad. Everything sounded good level wise and it was played well just not sure about about the whole Elvis feel it had ..To Me anyway.. Other thatn that it was great and I do like that you made it your own..
Crit for crit please
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Sounded pretty sweet! I liked it... The chorus I thought could have been... better, but its still like pretty damn awesome, cuz it has that grunge sound to it.. I guess i was just expecting the simpleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to be held longer, but all in all I still thought it rocked
I checked out the kinks and born to be wild, good stuff!
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Thanks very much for listening and the positive comments.

To gtrfrk123, it was recorded in my home studio with budget equipment. Glad you liked it.
Pretty awesome man. I didn't think I'd like the way you played the verses, with only chords, but it sounded really nice. Great singing dude.
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I liked this.

The bass is clear, which is an important issue when you're just strumming chords. However, I was a little dissapointed that you didn't use the arpeggio over the chords that is in the original song, because it rocked.

I'm not really enjoying the vocals, but they're by no means horrible. It's always nice to hear vocals with a cover.

Solo: I liked this, you didn't stick to the original but it still sounded good. It's not too gainy which really adds to authenticity of a Lynyrd Skynyrd song.

Overall I thought this was a good cover, good job.

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