okay so i play lots of metalcore and specifically moshcore. i dont have the money to buy a bunch of cabnets to get the thump you feel at concerts so i was thinking about maybe getting a subwoofer to go with my 120w combo amp. so i was wondering if somebody could help me figure out how to get what i want and if it would work.

also ive heard about these subwoofers that are silent. they only pick up the bass tones and thump that really hard without having to have huge concert volume. do they exist or work and would that be a better solution
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one that can be felt at a volume suitable for a garage band practice. cuz i dont want to break the windows or my ears playing at an ozzfest volume
I dont think you really get whats going on at concerts or with guitar gear.

At concerts theyre mic'ing their gear and sending it through the master PA system. Bands that play with little tiny combo amps can sound like theyre playing through 897435897435 Mesa fullstacks this way.

Since youre playing a combo you have to understand that youre not going to get these kinds of low end thumpy sounds.

Guitar is a midrange instrument. If you add a ton of bass then, in a live situation, youre more than likely going to be competing with the bass guitar and kick drum which in turn will make everything sound sloppy and muddy.

Trying to get your stuff to sound like what you hear on your favorite CD is near impossible.

My advice, for a more full sounding, deeper low end...just go get an inexpensive 4x12" cab (like Behringer, Kustom, or Ashdown).
on the contrary i do know there set up and i was comparing volumes not sound. second i already get the low thumpy sounds i just need somthing to controll them better (stop the buzz from loud volumes with low tone. third i suprisingly have gotten perfect sound like my favorite bands cd both in playing and very shocking to me recording on my computer. and the competeing part is no big deal for my music cause the bass usually follows almost note for note as an accent on the guitar and the kick drum accents the breakdown section even more. if you dont believe it go see hatebreed in concert and youll hear and feel each of the three and how they can play them together fine. i know i saw them at ozzfest this year. so rephrasing the original question, what speaker or cab or other sound system would be best for controlling the vibrations of the low bass tones so they can thump without buzzing the sound or that low feedback hum that hurts your ears and shakes everything when you mute the guitar for breakdown sections and such. does that change your suggestion cause i'm not looking for tone i'm looking for controll and stability