I'm thinking about customizing my first guitar. It's an Ibanez GAX30. The only thing I really want to keep is the body, so I'm looking at finding a new neck, tuning machines, pick-ups, knob pots and switch.

So far this is what I'm thinking:

Bridge Pickup - Seymour Duncan TB-5 custom Trembucker
Neck Pickup - Seymour Duncan SH-6 Distortion Humbucker

For the pots:

DiMarzio 250K Custom Taper Split Shaft Pot

I haven't really decided what kind of tuners I'm looking for, but I would like some locking tuners or grovers.

I haven't really seen anywhere I can find a neck online. It's a bolt on so everyone's told me it'll be easy to replace.

I'm also thinking about switching the bridge out to a Floyd Rose.

This is more of a project/hobby than anything else. I just bought a Schecter Damien 6, so I'm thinking that will be my guitar for heavier stuff (metal, rock, etc..). I'll use the Ibanez for cleaner, less distortion heavy songs (blues and stuff).

Anyone have any suggestions or comments on what I've decided on so far? I've never done this, so I'm excited to learn.

what wood is the body made out of? it would only be worth doing that stuff if it was alder/basswood/mahogany or something else. it is probably made out of a cheaper, bad tone wood.
It's made of basswood. If it weren't something worth saving, I would probably just buy a new guitar. Since it is basswood, I think this may be a fun project.

Here's a link to the official Ibanez site for the model.

Ibanez - GAX30
Okay, thanks for the info. I don't like the bridge on it at all, would it be stupid to look for a better fixed bridge then?

As far as the neck, are there better Ibanez made necks I could put on there? I just don't like the feel of this as much after playing my Schecter.
^ i know what your saying- and your not gonn alike any other ibanez neck then.

i do not know i f the necks RG necks ar einterchangeable with GX's- and i doubt schecter necks are ionterchangable with ibi's

your best bet- build one, or get used to it, anything else will be a huge hassel