ime still a bit of a noob on pedal builds and schematics and i just need a little help with the red circle bits and checking if i have ticked off everything else.

1) what is a MPSA18?
2) what are the zig/zag lines round the input?
3) what is that by the output?
4) what are the three prongs byt the input and output?
5) and what is the componant which looks like a line ontop of a triangle

List of all other parts

x1 0.01uf
x1 47uf
x1 1n
polarised capacitors
x1 2.2uf
x1 100uf
x1 22uf
x1 100
x1 43k
x1 330
x1 10k
x1 68k
x1 470
x1 180k
x1 1k
x1 500k

and 1 9v battery

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You might want to get that picture sorted.
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the zig zag lines are the tip,ring or sleeve,the triangle with the line on it is a zenerdiode? and the 3 lines on the inout and output jacks are chassis grounds and the MPSA18 is a component name( i think thats its a transistor but not to sure)
EDIT-look here they have some information on what thoses symbols
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