the title is pronounced summer-ism. It's a working title

Doped up fantasy girls
run around in bikini's
i'm not being educated
but i'm sure as hell learning
something in the summerism class.

schools was out 3 weeks ago, at the half way house
i sleep now never at home but never really out either.
sitting in the field
people just watching me
do the summerism.

The bull**** season.
girls tease
but never please
they ***** themselves
to cosmo's tune

it's the just the bull**** of summerism.
**** summer.
haha, yeah, summer kicks ass

except when it sucks like it did for you
PM me for
I've had almost 3 months off, i'm so bored with summr bring on autumn. I like Autumn because it's my birthday, halloween and bonfire night.