I'm looking into getting a decent wah pedal for the sound. I was thinking about the classic Dunlop (original),because I didn't think you could go wrong with them. However I've found that there is more than 1 version.There are a couple of links below. Which dunlop crybaby is better if any? If you need tro know, i play mostly rock/hard rock,with some blues. If u don't want to look,one is the original,one is "GCB95"and one is 535Q. Thanks.



and i found:
The 2nd one. The signature pedals are better like ZW crybaby and the Crybaby from hell. If you can solder and have an access to a soldering iron you could buy the GCB95 and modify it. I did this, theres plentey of articles around the net and threads on this site. But if you dont want to the Crybaby 535Q, or a vox wah (Clyde McCoy if you have the cash) are prettey decent.
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