well i just bought Boris yesterday (it's a Yamaha f-310) for an eaven 100 bucks! it's used, but neck is perfectly stright, now bow i it, frets are still excellent condition, teh only thing is it has minor esthetic damge. the black "binding" around it has sum chips in it. but i'll just touch it up with some black nail polish. What do you guys think of the F310's?
post some pics of it then we can check how but the knicks and so on are!!
(yea im the first to poste yea)
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What's a 310 go for new?
Mark up on guitars (factory cost vs. store price) is usually approx 100%. You pay twice what the store paid. But that doesn't mean a used guitar is only worth 1/2 the new price.
Anyway, of the approx 50 guitars I've owned in my life, only one (an Epiphone Ft 120 I bought when I was 16 in 1976) was purchased new. I don't let a few nicks and scratches bother me as long as it's in solid playable condition and SOUNDS good.
Bottom line. If you got an axe you like for $100. GREAT DEAL!
thanbks man. yeah i was all about the sound. i'll record some stuff with it, alrough it won;t be great cuz i only have a pc mic
The F 310 was my first guitar so I certainly have some affection towards it because it tolerated my incompetent fumbling for so long, but you got ripped. I bought mine new for $100 canadian. If your happy with the gutar and what you paid for it then great for you but when I play mine now (sentimental reasons only) it sounds like it's made of plywood.
i ahve tried out differnet guiatrs that are out of my proice range (i tried martins, segulls, gibsons, and higher end yamahs') they all souind good (the seagulls sounded best o me) but they wer eliek 400 bucks plus. All the yamah's sounded the same to me (the FG series). i saw new f310's there and they were around 200 bucks, there were 2 used ones aswell one for 120 and one for 130. i don;t see how you got a brand new one for 100 bucks. you may have gotten lucky
Sweet deal. I got my 315 for less than 100 at a sams club auction. Love the guitar!

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