So heres the deal, im not in dire need of an amp, but i figure i should get one soon anyway, i really like the Roland Cube 60, i havent tried it out, because my shop is one of those shops that carries things for the brand name so n00bs go in there and say "zomgz liek di is a mrshall it PWNZ!" even if its a horrible amp, and they buy it, i THINK he carries Roland's, and would this amp be a good one for me?...the Cube 60?

my styles are basically metal and blues oriented, shred, is a personal preference, so basically i need an amp that has ****ing orgasmic distortion or overdrive or whatever for an 80's thrash metal/speed metal sound, and a Symphony X kind of distortion of today, and it needs to be able to handle blues, which i play with just a touch of overdrive to give a bit of crunch, so would this amp be good? What else can you reccomend?

Budget: i would like to keep it under 1000 CAD if possible:\
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IMO the cube would be great but i dont know 1000 CAD how much is that USD?

it sounds like a lot you can probably get something better i think but i wouldnt know what amp
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Cube 60 is amazing. My music library has stretched massively over the past year and its fitted me so well. The usually go for 600 CAD.

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I used to own the Roland Cube 60 and was not pleased with i for metal. I much prefer my Peavey Bandit for metal. The Bandit is actually a very versatile amp with loads of different settings and voicings. great cleans too. I'd go for the new model bandit out of all the amps i have owned and that includes the cube 60, laney mxd, marshall mg100dfx, line 6 spider II, and a peavey bandit 112s (90s model?).

The metal tones on the cube were just not what i was after, loose bottom end, not good for palm mutes and the tone turned to crap at high volumes i found. The cube 60 was the second best amp out of all the ones i have owned though, a good amp but in my opinion not better than the bandit.
Oh, ill have to try the amps out if i can, thanks for the input guys
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I have a peavey Envoy 112 (like a 45 watts Bandit without some features) and it has a very good distorion for metal and very good clean tone, i agree with the guy who said peavey.
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I really love my Cube. Some people complain about the cleans, but I've gotten amazing blues and jazz tones out of it (clips if you want). And the distortion is excellent as well.
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I had a Cube 30W and I thought the rectifier modelling thing was reasonably good, the cleans were OK, though I usually used a chorus when I was using the clean channel to make it sound a bit nicer, I also think the Cubes generally seem to sound a bit better with Humbuckers.
Roland cube 60 FTW. i have one and, like some one said up there^ even if your musical tastes change, the sound will still be acceptable if not awesome for what your playing. but the cube really shines in the metal/hard rock side of the spectrum. people say its hard to get a good clean sound out of it, but i think thats just, one of those rumors that floats around UG untested. just yesterday i was trying to get an "Against Me!" sound out of it to play along w/ one of there tracks and it sounded just like the CD
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