yea, he seems to write inocent music, which apparently has been dubbed as anti-folk, by evan dando, i think, he also has a nice collection of guitars, and im seeing him live in a few months i think.
I've had all his stuff for about 5 years or so. And I've got his really old stuff, from when he was 15 ish. The band was called Radish and the album was really catchy.

He's really, really, good.

On My Way is a must have CD.

But this is beautiful. I'm going to sing it to someone I love one day:

everyone loves thepickups
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I heard his compilation with ben folds and some other guy called The Bens.

It was pretty cool.

Ben Folds is releasing a new album of rarities and the such in october and it has some tracks off of "The Bens EP" which has him, Kweller and some other guy calle dBen who I forgot the name of :/

Anywhom I've only heard a few of the tracsk from 'Sha Sha' (worst album title in the world btw) but they're pretty cool, esp 'Falling'
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I like ben kweller, but "on my way" (album) sounds like noone is playing bass, so the album feels very weak and thin, he is a good songwriter though.

PS: for extra cool points, he plays all the instruments on the album, and has a new one soon.
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