Well i was wondering what strings you guys use or recommend?

I know absolutely nothing about strings, so I just buy whatever strings I see first pretty much. I was also wondering if strings really make a difference in sound? If it helps at all i have a Schecter C-1 Classic ? Is the only difference,how long they last and how durable they are?

Long story short can you name a couple good types of strings? that i'll prolly be able to find at a local guitar shop.
i don't like gibson much, but they've got good strings
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Well there are hydrophobic strings (I believe Gibson puts them out), that last like twice as long as normal strings.
DONT get fender ones they suck.... id recommend d'addario or ernie ball..... but just shop around with those brands until you find ones that suit you
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I've always used D'Addario... For my acoustic I use the EJ16 (Phosphor Bronze Light) and for electric I use the XL range.... They've always been reliable and I've never received a duff pack.
I like heavy guage strings for a thicker sound. I use Ernie ball skinny top heavy bottom strings. Check out some Ernie Ball strings, they have a lot of varieties.
i really don't like d'addario i find they don't last long enough. i really DR's esspecialy the tit-fit hand made ones.
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I use Earnie Ball strings, and they're pretty decent, I've also heard good thigns about D'addario too.
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i use ernie ball bass strings and i like those, so i would assume that their guitar strings are good, too
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Ive never been a fan of earnie balls. but that just me. strings are a personal preference thing. metal players like them really heavy (.012-.013 range), rock players like me keep em average (.010-.011 range), blues/classic rock like em a bit lighter (.008, .009 range). Thats all just generally though.

I prefer GHS Boomers. 11-50s on my Strat, 10-52s on my LP, and 11-50s on my Artcore. But thats just me.
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yea i need to get some different strings. it takes ernie ball strings maybe one for the top three strings to start rusting.
heres how i break it down.

standard tuning: DR hand wounds ..09s or .10s
1/2 step down" .10s
full step down: .10s or .11s ( i use 11 for this)
1 1/2 steps down: .11s or .12s
2 steps down" .12s or .13s
2 1/2 steps down: .13s or .14s

(these are all DR hand wounds)
this is what i use for different tunings on my electrics and it works well for me. Dont get d'addarios, as the high e's pop like crazy. If you are going to keep your sixth string down a whole step (drop d for most people), i would suggest adding .05 gauges on the low E or GHS zakk wylde boomers. (by .05 gauges i mean use a .60 instead of a .55 ect..)

just my shot at helping you.

^yeah it would be a good idea to use a thicker string from a different set on the 6th string if youre gonna do drop tunings, helps keep the tension between that and the other strings more equal

personally i usually use either d'addarios or SIT power wound nickel strings, always in a standard .009 set i use SIT's most of the time, they seem to last quite a long time
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I have a C1 Classic, and have always used D'Addario XL's. Sound great and last a long time! (if you know how to take care of them)
I use Elixir medium gauge. They last a LONG time if you rub them down once in a while to keep them clean. Ive had the same set on my strat for about 8 months and they still sound new.
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Anyways, Earnie Ball strings are actually OK for single coil guitars. Yes believe it or not some strings work better with different pickups.
i use d'addario most because theyre pretty good and keep tone a lot longer than ernie balls. eb's sound really bright and twangy, but then to me they die in like a matter of a couple weeks . if i were closer to GC or felt like putting in the effort i would get DRs, but i tend to fall back on d'addarios
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I use Elixir nanowebs, 9-42 gauge. I play in Drop D a lot and they work fine for that, and they last for ages aswell. THey've never rusted on me, and it takes a fair few months for them to lost tone.

THe only problem is, they sound awful when you first put them on, you have to wear them in for a couple of hours. But it's not a big problem.
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Its really just a case of trying out loads of different brands, find the one for you.......
i use ernie ball 10-56 for my main guitar in drop C, ernie ball 11's for my strat in standard/Eb

Ive never really had a problem with ernie ball strings
i use dean marley and d'addario
gonna try some elixers next, just to quash the hype
Try Thomastik-Infeld strings. I've never used them, but a lot of people who've tried them love them.

P.S. If you go w/ Thomastik-Infeld, PM me to tell me how it went.
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my first string is from gibson...
2nd fender...
3rd d'addario...
and the rest barb wires...

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Whatever you do, do not get Dean Markley. They are unreliable and do not last very ong. About 3 days before I played a show I threw a new set of strings on my guitar, the b string broke in the middle of the show.

I use D'adarrios now
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go with the ernie ball super slinky's
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ive had the same pair of (10 gauge) elixers on my tele for like 3 months, still have amazing tone