Someone told me that you need to polish your guitar but wouldn't that break it? I do clean it with a cloth when it gets dirty but isn't polish just for acoustic guitars?
You don't have to like soak your guitar in a ton of polish to polish it.

All you do is buy some polish (I use Dunlop Formula 65) and spray a little on a cloth rag, wipe down the guitar, then wipe it down again if needed with a dry cloth.

How would it break or ruin the guitar?
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i use a little spray of ernie ball guitar polish and a polishing cloth when mine get too dirty or smudged.
I've got a tube that says.. guitar polish
so I smack a bit of that on my guitar and start rubbing it out with a cloth

and before you know it, it looks new
If you've got a nitro finish some polishes will wreck it... I forget which ingredient you need to look for though, there's one compound in some polishes that irritates the nitro.

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