could someone please tab out both of those scales for me please and give me information about each one, especially the diminshed scale....

A Harmonic Minor - A B C D E F G# A (to lazy to tab out, its like natural minor except its G# instead of G)
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B) Think. This may be hard if you havent done it before, so start slow and with a metronome.

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In short....

say C, D, Eb, F, Gb, Ab, A, B, C

I can't (off-hand) think of where I would actually use that scale, but if you feel like wading through it, here is a link that addresses just that.


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ok thanks guys.

I went on that wholenote website and i found the diminished scales but there are two different ones....the W-H diminiished scale and the H-W Diminished scale.

Which one would be more suited to metal music and could somebody explain Why there are two anyway?

much appreciated
it depends whatever sound you want to go for...

well the W-H scale, increases by a Whole tone, and then a half tone, and then a Whole tone and then a half tone...

hence the W H

and the H-W increases bu a Half tone and then a Whole tone etc...

both of these scales give a minor 3rd and a b5 so they are both diminished

i think thats about it....