I am quite familiar with installing passive pickups. I've done it many times and its pretty easy...

However, I have never installed active pickups. I am planning to get Emg's, so I have to know how and what I need to install them and put in the battery compartment.

Those of you that are pro at this kinda thing... post up!
well if you have enough space you can put it in a cavity (preferably control but you can put it in the tremolo cavity) and everything is straight forward but remember you gotta replace your input jack and also your pots to suit the active pickups. though if you dont have enough room in a cavity then you probably will need to route out a cavity for a battery box to put the battery in.
How do you route out a new cavity for the battery? what tools do I need?
they include all the pots with the pickups, and they are pretty small. Like said, you can fit the battery in the control cavity on most guitars unless they are really thin. If you have a pickguard, it can go right under it. I wouldn't go carving holes into your guitar unless you are familiar with woodworking and had the tools already. There is a company that also makes an external battery box that uses a stereo guitar cable to feed the EMG preamps.

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