Well, i'm a 15 year old "guitar player" (have been playing it for 1 year more less) and I have nooo idea of singing (I almost lost my friends when they heard me singing ).

And well, i would like to show my "crime" to all you. My victim is Karma Police.
I recorded it at first try so there are many guitar mistakes, rythm mistakes, sincronization mistakes and... many many many singing mistakes... im horrible!.

So crit4crit and be good with me... it's my first recording, isn't so bad... no?

You will laugh a lot I think.
Thank you, and be honest please, I want to know all my thousands of errors!

Link -->
lol Radiohead isn't "80's Rock"

and the guitar playing wasn't that bad... considering it was pretty badly out of tune lol.. singing wasn't bad... considering it's being compared to Thom Yorke's annoying mumbles..

so considering just your gutar/singing gave a good representation of the song I give it a 7.5/10... just work on the timing, don't use the backup piano thing, i mean it's hard to stay perfectly in time to meet up with the MIDI backing after a minute of playing.

Keep playin
Can't belive u Raylll! You are lying, I can't have a 7.5 !!! ^^. Thank you then, and yes you are right, I think i will remove midi tracks until I remake this song in a correct tempo.
Thanks a lot again and keep commenting, it should be a list of 1000 mistakes as minium, so start working ^^
lol no it's actually good considering you haven't been playing very long at all... and you shouldn't talk crap about yourself that much :p
You played it like it was going to be horrid.. which it actually wasn't. You were hitting a wrong chord consistently, and had a few mistakes otherwise, but all you need to do is tune up and the guitar will be fine. Vocals weren't bad, you hit the right notes, don't be afraid to sing louder and with more power. Oh and ditch the piano MIDI considering it was out of time with you... otherwise, nice work.

But the outro was pretty bad. Sorry.
Thanks, consider the MIDI tracks removed as I said before
I will check the chords, but anyways i've been playing with 1 or 2 missing chords, because i wasn't enough fast as to put the fingers on the right place... but hope with some practice i will be able to soon.

Thanks for comments guys, never imagined they would be so "positive" in a way. Now it's when all the bad comments arrive
Eveyone does either Karma Police or Creep.... Hows about some Big Boots?
Friends, applaud the comedy is over.

I'd dance with you but...

I would play Jimmy Hendrix but with my skill, I can only do simple songs like Karma Police. Maybe when I improve my guitar skills I will try with another harder song from Radiohead... And no! it won't be Creep! ^^

Keep criticizing and don't be good with me, I let u flame!! ;P
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Eveyone does either Karma Police or Creep.... Hows about some Big Boots?

=0 but... but.... no!!
Im gonna do another radiohead cover within the next month, and i tell ya, it is gonna kick some ass. not creep or karma. I heard it live on youtube.com , they closed the show with it.
Work to live, not live to work.
Yep, I played while singing, that's also one of the reasons why I lose the rythm so many times heh. Hope I can correct this with time and patience
Hey, nice work. Guitar didn't sound brilliant (probably a mix of tuning and the equipment) but it was still decent. I didn't think your voice was that bad really. If it was touched up a little it could be a great song for busking I reckon.
Btw, I'd appreciate if you could crit my cover of All Along the Watchtower, if you get the time
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Holy Crap.

I love you more than life itself.
you inspired me to work on this song for myself and i sound just as whiney singing it as you do. exactly the same. im going to record it when i get it up to par. next 2 or 3 days.