could you make a midi please, and dont forget to rename your title, you gotta have the format in there, so put GP5 in your title, or something like that, and feel free to crit any of mine, there all linked in my sig, thanks!!!
great bass! the guitar sounds a bit muddy, so that's a bit less, but that's just GP5, great work
that is the most repetitive song ive ever heard in my life.

every riff was based off each other, trying mixing it up a bit.
I very liked the bass.
But the guitar isnt too good.
Keep the bass intact maybe. but do something with the guitar
Like everyone else is saying, the bass is really cool. And you have some interesting ideas going on in there, it's just a little muddled. To be honest, I would recommend completely changing the guitar. The riff is too generic and just kind of does the same boring melody over and over again. And those high pitched noises that got played in the background were kind of annoying. I could hear a good song in there, but there were too many things keeping it from being as good as it could be.

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