I'm going to buy this guitar 2mrow well probably.. anyways am i making a mistake or its good (ive been playing for about 3 years)
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Mistake, what's your budget, the DX has crap pickups, Licensed trem, bolt on. Also what amp do you have?

yes the pickups are pretty bad

yes its a licensed trem, but ive had my DX for almost a year now and it still holds tune perfectly and is a direct swap for an OFR anyway

yes its a bolt on but what the hell is wrong with that? youre not gonna find many guitars in what this guys budget looks like that have a set neck or neck thru

and to the threadstarter, apart from whats been said already, the neck plays GREAT for a guitar in this price range. i got this instead of an RG and M-300 after playing all three. it is quite a good guitar for the price but obviously there are better guitars out there

EDIT: save up for a DK2...
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