Alright, so im going to be starting up another Strat project sometime in the near future. And right now im just looking for pickup suggestions, as I do know whats out there, I just dont know what to choose.

The music I play is diverse, somewhat. Mostly sticking to a blues/soul/jam side of things, while throwing in some '70s blues-rock and Pearl Jam type things. Think anywhere from Freddie and Albert King, to the soul sounds of Motown and Stax (Steve Cropper, preety much), to the jam of The Dead, Phish, & Widespread Panic, with a lot of Duane Allman/Warren Haynes associated slide playing as well. Cant forget about the funk sounds of Tower of Power either.
I need really good cleans, and a great, but not a whole lot or super muddy overdrive.

So what three, single coils, would you reccomend?

By the way, I need colors. The bridge needs to be available in green, the middle needs to be available in a gold/orange/yellow type of color, and the neck needs to be available in red.

Thanks much, all help is greatly appreciated.
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Well color isnt an issue. Just buy the three single coils and then swap the plastic cover with one with the color you want.

So, are you going to want a true single coil? Stacked? Rails?

Wish Dave was here lol
hmm maybe a Duncan SVR-1 vintage rails in the neck, a Duncan APST-1 twang banger in the middle, and a Duncan SJBJ-1 jb jr. in the bridge.

Thats just trying to fit all genres in there lol. And Im fond of Duncan pickups, but that was just an example.