hi everyone i am after some good pedals to play around whith i am into metal and moast kinds of rock. i allrwady have a boss mt-2 and a vox v847 wah what other pedals will go good whith thase please hellp!!!!

sorry for spelling and grama
i got a schecter c1 classic and a mershal mg 100dfx but shortley geting a ashdown falen angel dsp 60 head and cab
funny you should say boss octave because i was looking into buying one of theam
Visual Sound H20. Awesome chorus and delay all in one pedal. It would go great with your soon-to-be Fallen Angel.
go for the zoom G2.1u

honestly mate u can do anything, jus got it last week and it takes your guitar playing to the next level
Danelectro Fish n Chips if you're cheap, MXR 10-band EQ for a more durable pedal.
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