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So, people of UG, do you have the look to go along with the instrument? Some people look like born guitarists, and some guitarists looks like, well, non-guitarists. When me and my drummer were starting a band, he didnt know I played guitar, and he said to me "Whoa, you play guitar? But you look like a total faggot!", and yea, and out other guitarist has the whole "guitarist" look, everything that generally goes with guitar, I dotn know how to describe it.

But anyways, do YOU have the guitarist look, or do you look like one of those people who wouldnt even know how to hold a guitar, but can play circles around someone?
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My mates all tell me i have the look of a lead
No one thinks I can play the guitar.
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Nah, I don't look like I should play guitar.
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Nope. not one bit. im still 14 :P: oh well. i still play though no matter what
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I look like a mathematician or something. So no, not really.
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Yes, Yes I do.
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Well, pretty much every white male at my school plays guitar, so it's hard to define the "guitarist" look.
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I used to look much more like a rocker then now. When i started college i started dressing slightly different. I think i still look like i play guitar, but in a different way. it's more subtle now.

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i don't know..i play guitar thats good enough for me lol..everything else just falls in place
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I dunno, but I remember someone talking about 'the bassist look' in the show off your bass thread...

i got about 4/5
i look really cool while i have my guitar strapped and everything (who doesnt?).... i get told i look more like a pianist though
i dont think i have the guitarist look but one guitarist in our band looks just like izzy stradlin when he plays AND he plays a tele.
im a skinny guy it doesnt even look like i can hold a guitar let alone play one ppl are like "damn can you even lift that?" lol
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I have the look alright..............everyone points it out
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i don't look like a guitarist
although personally i think a guitar like goes when i actually am playin it
i have fat fingers with stubby nails so it doesn't look like guitarist hands either
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Some girl told me a couple of weeks back that it doesn't look like I play the guitar. But she hasn't seen me play yet...

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i dont at all
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I look like I probably belong working in a mailroom or something, but I still play a hell of a lot better than most people who look like stereotypical guitarists.

does this fine gentleman look like a guitarist? he does if you think about it. if you said yes, then you could probably tell that i'm a guitarist.
Yea ,I do. Entirely.
The classic rock guitarist look.
Im skinny, Longish hair, something like syd barrets strange afro thing now. Tall, Thin limbs, Spidery hands fingers and feet.
My cheeks are hollow and you can clearly see my ribs.
Blue eyes, brown hair. Yep.
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not at all

i look more like the italian soccer player that i am. People would never guess i play guitar. Probably something about my whole fauxhawk look, but my clothes are "guitarist"...i guess?
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im a black kid with nappy hair.

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i don't have the guitarist look at all. i look more like a gangster black guy. but damn i can play the hell outta anyone i know. lots of people in my school that i meet for the first time think i'm gangsta. i kinda am but, ya don't see that many gangstas playing guitar.
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not at all

i look more like the italian soccer player that i am. People would never guess i play guitar. Probably something about my whole fauxhawk look, but my clothes are "guitarist"...i guess?

what kind of italian soccer player has a faux hawk . ive been told i look like the italian goal kepper
i guess i kinda do..

but if i cut off my hair i'd probably look like a normal dude....... that wears a beanie
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