1. Our Picnic - happy song about finding what could be love and wanting it to last forever. Mentions how that person might as well not be alive if they weren't together and how they can't picture the future without them.

2. Your Emerald Dreams - narrator loses someone close to him, an older person who he wasn't close to, probably family and tries to look on the bright side but he doubts the death was a good thing and tries to carry on without feeling guilty.

3. Mortality - talks about being scared of the future, possibly that he might lose people close to him again and that he doesnt want things to change. Ends with a glimpse of hope.

4. Smiling Faces - he starts talking to himself and acting like a different person, like a schizophrenic would. Realises at the end that he has to choose which identity to live and that he has a problem.

5. INSTRUMENTAL - high eerie ghosty sounds to almost depict a battle between the two personalities ( who aren't real people - hence the ghost theme ) leaving one the victor.

6. An Angels Grip - the girl from the start wants to take a break cause she's been scared by the guys mental problems after the death and wants to give him space to sort it out.

7. Negatives - cuts himself and stops eating because he sees no point in life. Later realises that he has more to offer and he starts to recover.

8. Gotta Say Goodbye - she leaves him for good and he realises that as much as he misses her, he's got to let her go and move on.

9. Dissidents - message that he accepts what has happened to him and that people should be more thoughtful of their actions than others ( policticians etc ) as their actions have a greater impact on their life. Realises his mistakes.

I'm gonna add two or three more tracks and possibly make the topic being other problems and other things that the narrator did to try to make himself feel better/cope with what's happening to him.

It wasn't planned as a concept album, but instead was just songs written about experiences ( my own or others ) that got jumbled together like this to make a half-cohesive plot. Tell me what you think.

hmmm... you may want to stay away from the "happy ending" there.. you may find it funner to lead this life darker. .. lets say the girl leaves him so he heads deeper into crazy, finally living in his own exotic world.. then maybe at the end you give him some poetic tragedy by having him sent to a mental ward, but he doesnt even realize this and makes new friends in his new place..

i wrote a concept album once:

it happened: about the universe begining.. yeah it happened, but we dont know how. God or coincidence

fungi from the sky: about how alot of ancient tribes found god in magic mushrooms (the aztecs, hindus, and jews)

lives to build: song about how people are retarded for creating slavery.. why should someone spend their life building a civilization they cant enjoy.

apocalaughs: play on apocalypse... weve pretty much fvcked ourselves, if there is gonna be an end of the world, its not gonan be from Gods hand.

life as apes: ending theme that is similar to the first song.. its about how i think weve really come a long way if evolution is true.. from monkeys using sticks n stones, to.. well harnessing electricity

i tried to keep a pessimistic view the whole time, as i was tying to show that humans are fvcked up and can basicly ruined mankind out of greed, and now were living those same traditions today.

i felt it was easier to keep heading down the darker path than to find that one silver lining..
Seems pretty cool to me. Songs 7 and 8 must be quite epic if each of them are to lead from one perspective the guy has to a completely different one. It's admittedly more positive than what might be expected, but it's up to you. I tried coming up with some story or theme to write a concept album about but I couldn't come up with anything
I've been working on the music for my own concept album for the better part of the last year, and i've got a lot of ideas pinned down that i want to use. I just need to make a good topic that people would want to hear about through the music, which is progressive metal/rock.

But good on you for being able to come up with something!
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Thanks guys. I'll look into maybe re-arranging the song order to make it more pessimistic - the last song is written third person or could be seen as being a message to someone else, like a "sure, sure - you've ended it with me, it's all right - I don't have a problem" kinda stoner/can't care less attitude about how he's fallen so far that he's lost his "appetite" for her. It's just a song about supporting someone's decision amongst other ways it could be interpreted.
Sounds boring. I mean sorry but Concept Albums only work if you have the musicianship to back them up, hence why pretty much only done by Prog Rock bands. If the music is cool then it'll probably work, but I'm gonna say that with a song about Cutting himself you are going to deal with lots of people screaming "EMOO!!N OMFG!! That is su f8kcing stoopid!" I mean me, I'm just sick of hearing the word Emo.. but good luck and I hope it works out for you.
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The music is good enough guys - they were written as single stand alone songs.

As for the plot, I'm putting the songs together and hoping for the best really. I've since written other songs that follow the themes and the plot - I'll see if I can make it more cohesive and work on some type of ending.

Thanks again guys.
I think it sounds cool, concept albums are always interesting to hear about

Someone here mentioned that the last song should become more darker and gloomier

I disagree, what you have written down sounds like a very good ending (sort of in the vein of the 'The Spirit Carries On' at the end of Dream Theater's Scenes From A Memory with that sense of..er...life realisation)

I think its a very good way to end

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Concept album? No... not even nearly cohesive enough. Bad plot, no focus, weak resolution.

You may think its a bad plot, others may not

edit: also, what style of music do you play? This sounds like a very uplifting concept so of course you'll have to make it sound as such (thats just me stating the obvious though )
this needs more overture!!

meh, i couldn't write a concept album, like a book, but harder, imo.

plus my stories are crap
I wanna write a concept album thats kind of like a Texas Chainsaw Massacre style horror

Except...noone survives

I'd suck at that though
My styles would be rock/punk/grunge/psychedelic primarily. And I tend to think of the guitar parts as re-enforcements to the actual song and message. Interludes and small breaks between singing parts are times for riffs or solos if need be.

I also like dissonance and experimenting. The instrumental will be an electric with a pitch shifter so it's an octave higher, and feature a slide to simulate screaming sounds on the high strings.

I understand that some may not like the plot, but everything in music is subjective - I'm putting this up for ANY feedback I can get.

Thanks guys.
First: You may want an overture to hint at the darkness: jumping straight into a happy track might be a bit sudden.

Now, the decline is a bit sudden to me. Let's compare this to something like the Wall: the entire first disc is dedicated to the decline, which seems to me to be a very interesting part: what would drive a person to insanity? There are at least three distinct things in the Wall that drive Pink to insanity.

In this case, it seems that the whole downward spiral was triggered by the death of "an older person who he wasn't close to". Now, to me this seems to be a bit weak. Perhaps have some references or tracks that refer to earlier problems in life?

I would almost think of this as a thesis: you want to prove to the audience his insanity, something that would make them say "I'd go insane too" while making the set of circumstances appear real and possible. Going from bliss to insanity in a short amount of time can be done, but it must be set up appropriately.

Your order could be revised as well: you have an instrumental "battle" before the girlfriend has even left him. The instrumental battle might fit in better as the culmination of all the bad things that have happened, before he hits deepest insanity.

Now, the ending. If it is to be a tragedy, I think you want to really stretch out the decline, so he hits bottom at the very end. To really be tragic, you might also offer a hope that there could be redemption, which is ruined at the end by bad luck or a fatal error of some sort.

To be not tragic, you may want to have the decline end a little early, and have him get redeemed just at the lowest point of his ordeal.

Hmm, I just noticed that you said you might add other tracks about his problems. I won't edit this so you can see my original thoughts, however.

On a side note, I find I do better at planning 10 minute concept songs, they're more coherant. My album-scale projects are too unfocused.
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I could make some tracks longer and cover more, I'm personally a fan of longer songs anyways. I'm gonna re-write some stuff and see if I can make it more coherent soon. I'm gonna look at it more like a novel and possibly extend it to 2 CD's worth. I agree that the decline is sudden and I'll be looking at putting in other songs and re-writing some to make it more logical.