Here is a little cover of one of my favorite melodies, Dire, Dire Docks from Mario 64! Keep listening, because I go distorted about halfway through the song. Man, it was fun doing that cover...


oh yeah, if you don't remember the level, its the water one with the pirate ship, where the scary lookin' eel comes out, and you have to go inside the ship to grab the star.
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I dont remember the song in the game, but it sounds pretty cool. Mario on guitar always pwns. The distorted bit sounds a good also. well done im still lerning that mario 1. How i can say how it goes on an interne forum... hmm o well i duno lol well doen
oh yeah! dire dire docks is the one upstairs, with the water bugs. jolly roger bay is the one i'm thinking of. thanks man!
I have a version of this on piano...i think it's in the link in my sig down at the bottom of my Dmusic page under "Super Mario and Legend of Zelda Songs" or something to that effect.
But yea, back to your song =P...i like it a lot...very nice and peaceful at first, exactly how it is in the game, and then WHAM-O, awesome distortion and drums...love it, bud. The bends in the distorted part sound off pitch a little, but just barely...the rest is great.
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yeah, i just noticed the bend problem after i put it oin the site, thank you by the way!

that piano stuff is awesome! you are really talented!
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