Ok I am having a bit of a problem fully understanding hafl notes and eighth notes and such as opposed to full notes. I have looked at some lessons but Still don't quite get it or how they corrispond with a metronome. It said that most measures are 4 beats long.. Could anyway explain this perhaps better to me? (I play a bass guitar)
It depends in what time signature you are playing in.
Let says you playing in 4/4 though..
Every tic on the metronome is counted 1 2 3 4, and every 4 starts a new measure.
a whole note(not a full note) would be held for all 4 counts.
a half note would be held for 2 counts.
a quarter note would be held for one count only
make sure you count when you are playing.
when you are doing eight notes you need to count.
1&2&3&4& fitting two hits in each count on the metronome(count it out as you are playing it)
Ok well the metronome goes the lowest 40? so would that be the same as 1 2 3 4?

I also heard I should learn the scales for the notes, havnt really found all of them. Or really know the ones I should learn well.
You say 1 when the metronome clicks once, 2 when it does twice, etc. and then after 4 you start at 1 again and that's the next measure. So 1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4. A whole note you play on 1 and hold it until 4, half note you play on 1 and 3, quarter notes, you play one for each beat, eighth notes 2 for each beat, and sixteenth notes 4 notes for each beat. So for 2 half notes you would say 1-2-3-4 but only play on 1 and 3. For eighth notes you play 1&2&3&4& with one note on each number and one note on each & sign so 2 notes per beat. Hopefully that made some sense....
the numbers on the metronome refer to the number of beats per minute (bpm)
the tempo of the song you are playing so 40 is gonna be real slow and the further up you go the faster the beats