What are the charicteristics of this wood? Im looking at the Dean ML XM as a project guitar possibly, and I was wondering what paulownia wood could be compared to, or what other wood reproduces a similar sound. Thanks.

its a biased site, but should give u an idea.
ive never played a paulownia guitar sorry.

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The wood resembles ash or alder (with broader grain), but i'm unsure of any tonal characteristics. It seems to have just hit the 'market' in the guitar world, and apparently it's got a deep & warm tone from this site.


I'm pretty interested in using it sometime in the future, if I can find anything big enough.

Forgot to mention that it's suppositly pretty soft stuff, so maybe it can be compared to basswood. It's actually in the same division & class as tilia (basswood) but it's part of a diff. family.

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