I'm trying to figure out what kind of strings I like using.

Before, I used Cleartone EMP Medium strings, and I hated it because after a day, it flaked off and it was sorta rough to slide and play.
Right now, I'm using D`Aquisto Bronze Super Lights. I love them for about a day, and then they too, flake off and "rott?" Some parts of the strings where I play frequently, they're turning to a black color, maybe rust?

I'm looking for some nice strings that won't be so rough to play, that won't flake, and will sound great. I forgot to mention, that the two strings both decreased in sound quality, and I disliked that also.

Anyone have ideas?
Daffodils for Delilah.
Acoustic EP.
Silver, how well do those strings work? And roughly what price?

Elixers have this coating on them, and I'm afraid they'll flake off too soon..
Daffodils for Delilah.
Acoustic EP.
the martin sp mediums here are like $7.49 give or take some cents, i personaly love em' they sound better than elixers in my opinion, may not last as long but for the price they are the best value i think and also like escobar said d'addario exp's are nice too but still cost more but if you want coated ones those are what i would recomend bying, they are a little less plasticy feeling than the elixers
Dean Markley I bought some of them last night. I haven't put them on yet so I can't say they sound very well. But the guy at the shop said they were most popular. so for 7.99$ canadain you can't go wrong lol.
Dean Markley Alchemy GoldBronze CL 12-54 are the best I have used yet. Clear nice sound and they last really long! I have also used Dean Markley Blue Steel which also are very good. The Alchemy MED 13-56 are alright too.