well im lookin into buying one of those coil cables. But idk wich one is better......this, this, or this. Has anyone used these.....if so wich is the best one?
probably the bullet cable, but notice how its nearly 4 times as much as the fender
I'd go with the bullet. It's tipped with gold, and that conducts way better than any aluminum or cheap crap like that.
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I wouldn't say go with coil cables, they are weakers, unless you get those thick rubber coated ones.
ive got thick rubber coated ones. i love them. ive got 2 that stretch to 25+ feet. and one that stretches to 15+ feet. i dont use them that much at gigs becasue people have been known to slip and fall on them. becasue they roll easy. but i use them for practice and just playin at my house.