I'm a guitarist in a band, and I'd like to start recording original material, either alone or with the band. I started to look into everything needed to record at home, and I got incredibly confused really really quickly. I have zero experience with audio editing software, I only vaguely understand what things like mixers are, and weird acronyms like MIDI look like another language to me, just to give you a frame of reference. I learn pretty quickly when things are put into plain english for me, though, so what I'm asking is a basic layout for verything related to home recording. What hardware I need, what software I need, for recording just guitar tracks with computer generated rythm parts, and in contrast what I'd need to record an entire band (guitar vox bass drums), and do all of these things well.

Thank you guys, very much.

PS- and yes, I did read the stickies and didnt understand most of it
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