Now I'm not really a fan of Audioslave, but i did catch their new song "Original Song." I gotta admit that song is not that bad. Tom's solo in the song is not bad either. Now at about 2 minutes 33 sec. in the song he starts some crazy **** involving his tuner i assume. The effect he produces sounds like a chicken being raped. It's awsome. My quistion is what is he doing, and how does he do it?

Link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgoGorqMHm8
i dont no but my guess would be a whammy pedal 2 oct up with a wah pedal but im not sure
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whammy pedal

Edit: beat me to it, but i dont think theres a wah, couldnt use 2 pedals at once, unless he has a wah simulator, but yeh, ur just here and effects from the wammy
Was he using a pedal in addition to i guess turning the tuners??