Ok so many here know I bought a Jackson SLSMG a while ago and had to sell it because I got strapped for cash and had a bill to pay off..so anyways that sucks, that guitar was a beast, anyways I then bought a JS30DKT hardtail...and thats what I have now..A guy is offering me either 225 cash plus an AKG 770 Mic, or 260 cash, what should I do...Im thinkin about maybe taken the cash and gettin a RG 321...

How are the 321's..i know there mahogony, which sounds like a great wood compared to the **** Indian Cedro that the Jackson is made out of...Do you think 260 is a good amount of cash (canadian) for me selling that guitar..? I just think the rg 321 is simple and has way better playability then the js30, and I figure its mahogony so once I throw in a good pup swap, it should be a beast..
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Ah, Sorry to hear about the SLSMG.... I have one, ****in' sweet piece of guitar there.
Guitar Center is having a clearance on SLSMG's now.. they are only like $650... so if you want another one, they are there..

but the 321mh is a great guitar,
with a p'up change it screams
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its mahogony, what if i get the guitar, keep it stock, then give me two weeks and i could probly get a EMG 81/85 set, do you think they will go good with that guitar?
stock IBZ p'ups are decent all-around. For two weeks I suppose you could live with them,
but the EMG's will make the RG sound loads better
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