Hey im new to UG and this is my first post. Anyways I was wondering how the new Slayer, Lamb Of God and Stone Sour albums are. I'm a big fan of all three of these bands and i'm really wanting to know how there new ones compare to there older stuff.
Welcome to the Metal forum. Slayer goes in the Thrash thread, Lamb of God goes in the Hardcore forum with the ONLY LOG thread, and Stone Sour goes into the Nu-Metal forum with a already big thread.
All of their new albums suck.

And as stated before, Stonesour goes in Nu Metal and Lamb of God in hardcore.
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Just to answer the question aswell.
Slayer = Good, not awesome, but quite good.
Lamb Of God = eh, not to bad. Not as good as Ashes of the wake though.
Stone Sour = Boring. Truly boring.