anyone got some suggestions to start bass guitar...also if you say any videos on youtube links would be nice cause i couldnt find hardly anyhting that actually taught me anything besides what the strings are called and the different forms or playing are....so help would be appreciated...cause im not very good but ive always loved bass...
Get lessons if you're really that bothered, but you could easily learn most of the basics in either this forum, or in the musicians talk forums.

Try learning some songs that you like that are easy. Really easy to start, like just root notes, and get a good sense of rhythm.
well first off i would get lessons but no one in my area knows how to play bass hardly...and half the people on here dont help with **** on basics of bass gitar...but whatever ill try....
What do you want to know? If you want to go straight in, practice your picking/plucking technique and fretting hand positions. Find the most comfortable way for yourself so you don't end up damaging your hands playing how everyone else says is right but or you personally puts say, too much tension on your wrist. ya dig?

After you're used to plucking notes, maybe try and find a song you want to learn (mine was time is running out by muse- it's got a nice sound to it and isnt too hard) And start working towards it. By doing this, every time you play through it, you are enjoying it, and so you wont notice your stamina/technique improving. It's also a GREAT confidence booster to learn a line early on, or get that first song down.

If you want to build a foundation first, learn the notes on the fretboard. Do you already play guitar? If you do, then you should know them, but if not do it, and learn a few scales/ modes, which once you know, you can use to practice speed/accurracy.

One thing though- if you get frustrated, dont try and force anything. It'll just make you angry and your playing will suffer. If you think you've reached a dead end or you can't nail that note right or whatever, try something else, or go do something else for a bit to cool down, and then try again with a clear head.

Have fun
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thanks alot toolbass_dude...of everyone ive asked you've prolly helped the most...thanks