ok when you writting a solo you use scales but how do you decide what scale to use...i know that rock uses the pentatonic scale and blues scales and whatnot but i was wondering what key to play in... iv herd that you use the scale in the same key as the first note/chord you play in a song... is that right?
thanks in advance
It's really all up to you, but playing in the scales relevant major to the chords is pretty much a guarenteed flow so that's a good way to go about it.
*shrugs* I don't know...
if you're playing jazz or something of the sort, you have the chords written out usually and you can improvise over those by using corresponding scales.

in rock, yes USUALLY the first chord in the progression is going to be the 1 chord and you can usually use that key to a certain extent.
usually, come up with a cool kinda melody.. find notes that sound good over the chords you're playing and put them together.
for the key you want the solo in i reccomend not always using the most used cord in the song but the second or third most used. Doing this makes the song and solo not sound so repetitive, but in the end its all up to you.

- Good luck
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